Thursday, 22 May 2014

Chevron Ginger

I wore my new Colette Ginger skirt this Monday after completing it on Sunday afternoon. I'm pretty happy with it overall. I used this pretty coloured striped cotton that I bought from Samuel Taylors in Leeds last month.

This has been in my WIP pile for a week or two after doing the heavy-lifting of cutting out the tedious stripe matching for the chevron effect.

Laying out the pattern on the bias to create the chevron effect
After getting the chevron down the centre line pretty darn close I realised because of the many coloured stripes of the pattern it would be almost impossible to match at the side seams. I aimed to match the black stripes which worked well in the end.

The hidden zip went in OK with the chevron stripe quite close to perfect. A nice decision to make was to consider whether the waistband stripes should go vertically or horizontally! I opted for the horizontal stripes as a constrast to the chevron and sewed the waistband facing in vertical stripes.
I thought the horizontal striped waistband worked better. What do you think?
Overall I am really happy with my second Colette Ginger skirt (my first is blogged about here) and I'm thinking of making another one - perhaps in that lovely Lucienne Day print cotton from John Lewis?

I really enjoyed wearing it at work on Monday because the sun was out; even if that meant I inflicted my lily white oh-so-pale-I'm-almost-see-through legs on a very unsuspecting public!


  1. This is so cool! I've been thinking about a chevron Ginger, but was going to opt for two colour stripes. I hadn't even considered the possibility of rainbow stripes, until now, that is. And now I want to copy yours... :)

  2. Go for it Janet ;)
    I want to make a two stripe one as well - the side seams were a bit of a pain due to the many coloured stripes not matching but I'm pretty happy with it overall.

  3. Awesome stripe matching! Isn't it funny how a pattern you'd never consider before becomes instantly more appealing when constructed how you'd like it. Lovely job, Caroline.

  4. Great skirt!! The chevron looks perfectly matched and the colours are really fun.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, the Ginger is a great skirt pattern.

  6. What a great version of this skirt! I've nearly finished my first Ginger skirt (just a plain colour, not cut on the bias), but love this effect. I'm keen to try the bias chevron version but have heard that inserting the zipper on the bias can be pretty tricky, did you have any problems?

  7. Hi Alex - I didn't really have too much of a problem. The zip slightly flares out st the bottom of the zip but I'm happy with it. It's my second Ginger cut on the bias and my other one is OK too.

  8. Wow, the chevron matching looks perfect! I really like that the stripes are multi-colored, too.

    1. Thanks Sara. Yes I'm pretty happy with the stripe matching. I pinned, then hand-basted it before sewing on the machine to get as close a match as possible.